Find or Sell Skills

Fast and Easy

An easy to use app (and background software) that connects small tasks and jobs with casual labour.


Fast and Easy

A few simple steps in the app and your listing goes live.


Find and Sell Skills

Find skills for the small tasks you cannot do yourself.


Safe and Efficient

Every client is traceable and rated by the users. Simple, safe and risk free.


In a country where more than 40% of its citizens are either unemployed or in need of an extra income to finance studies or put a meal on the table.

It has become increasingly difficult to find a person to do casual labor tasks or short term projects.


With Ladder we will bring unemployment struggles and the mobile world together to help alleviate the stress of making a living.


With this app  and background software, we will bridge the gap between job seekers and job owners.


Ladder is aimed at the casual labour market. It is not the intent of Ladder to replace recruitment of professionals or long term employment.


Ladder will take a small percentage from the job owner as a development, recruitment, admin and operating fee.

How it Works

For the job lister

Ladder is THE way to find skills for the small tasks you cannot do yourself. You list the task at YOUR price and to fit YOUR schedule. We will take care of the payment, no need for carrying cash, and each job seeker will have a traceable background and rating.

A few simple steps in the app, and your listing goes live. Job seekers with the required skill will see your post, apply and accept your terms or make a counteroffer for your consideration.

You review the different offers and various seeker’s profiles and rating. Pick the one that suits you and let Ladder take care of the rest.
Ladder will pay the job seeker once both parties acknowledge completion of the task.

No need to worry about letting strangers without reference into your world. No need to browse through endless adds online. Simple, safe and risk-free.

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For the job seeker

Ladder is THE way to sell your skills. We all have something we are good at — something to sell. The casual labour market has many traps. Not getting paid, working for dodgy clients, not understanding the agreed compensation for the job. Ladder aims to make the casual labour market safe and efficient.

Do you need money for tonight’s meal?
Do you have an extra expense this month?
Is your salary not enough?
Need some cash for the weekend?
Are you saving for a vacation?
Have one of these skills?

Nurse, Mechanic, Gardening, Computers, TV installation, Babysitting, Cooking and baking, Modeling, Golfing, Painting, Building, etc. The list is endless. Sell your skills. Get the cash. 

Ladder will sort out the payment. Every client is traceable and rated by the users. Simple, safe and risk-free.

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Skills and Trades

These are all the skills we currently list on the Ladder App

Feel free to contact us if you want to add a skill to the list.

Beauty and Grooming

Hair cutting – Men • Hair cutting – Women • Hair styling • Manicure • Pedicure • Make-up • Skin care • Massage • Male model • Female model

Crafts, Hobbies and Sport

Dress making • Needle pointing • Knitting • Patchwork • Golf Caddy • Self defense training • Swimming lessons • Sports lessons • Surfing Lessons • Event crafts • Horse riding lessons • Personal Trainer


Painting • Tilling • Plumbing • Electrical • Roofing • Ceilings • Cornices • Wallpaper • Rubble removal

Home Care

Baby sitting • Elder care • Pet sitting • Holiday house sitting • Plant care • Special needs assistance • Nanny • Au pair

Food and Service

Waiter stand-in 1 day • Waiter for event • Sous chef • Home cook • Chef • Catering for event


Primary School • High School • University • Trade Schools • College • Language • Computer Training • Painting classes

Music and Arts

Musical instrument lessons • Singer for hire • DJ for hire • Dance lessons • Stage hands • Ushers • Photographer


Plumbers • Electricians • Carpenters • Welders • Auto Mechanics


Service • Washing • Driver – hourly rate • Engine rebuilds • Engine rebuilds • Engine rebuilds • Fault finding • Spare replacement • Rotate wheels • Panel beating • Dent repairs • Spray painting


CCTV installation • CCTV repairs • ALARM installation • ALARM repairs • Electric fence installations • Electric fence repairs • Electric fence repairs • Electric fence repairs • Electric fence repairs • Car guard – hourly rate • Gate and garage motors • Burglar proofing


Setup of new PC • Rebuilt of PC • Installation of software • Internet access issues • Virus fixing • DSTV installations • DSTV repairs • Home network setup • Office network setup • Web design

Delivery and Marketing

Flyer Distribution • Delivery without vehicle • Delivery with vehicle • Pick-up/Drop off • Newspaper delivery • Newspaper delivery • Newspaper delivery • Promo girls


Gutter cleaning • Paving weed removal • Pool cleaning and filter care • General – hourly rate • Replace light bulbs • Pet grooming • Handy man – hourly


Mowing • Weeding and cleaning • Pruning • Planting • Tree removal • General gardening • Gardener 1 day

Domestic Service

Kitchen cleaning once-off • House cleaning once-off • Ironing • Washing • Washing and Ironing • Curtains and drapes cleaning • Window washing • Carpet cleaning • Domestic 1 day • Waste removal • Refuse removal


Male assistance hourly rate • Female assistance hourly rate

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